How To Get and Use Mac Photobooth for Windows PC


Have you always wanted to use Mac Photobooth but you don’t have a Mac? Well now you can use Mac Photobooth on your Windows PC. This post will show you step-by-step how to get and use Mac Photobooth for Windows PC.

Things You’ll Need:
• A webcam
• Mac PhotoBooth get it here.


1. Once you’ve downloaded the Mac PhotoBooth file, launch it.

2. Select “Allow” so that Mac PhotoBooth can access your webcam.

3. Select any effect of your choice and take a picture.

4. To save the photo to your PC, simply select the photo from the preview window, click the “Download” option, select the location you want to save it and click save.

5. That’s it you are finish.

At the moment you can only take pictures and not videos.

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