Unlock iPhone Using Gevey Sim iOS 4.0 – 4.3.5 with BB 1.59.00/2.10.04/3.10.01/4.10.01


I am not associated with ApplenBerry or Simple Mobile. I am also not responsible for anything that happens to your iPhone, in the event that something does happen.

This Works for iPhone 4 on iOS 4.0, 4.1, 4.2.1, 4.3, 4.3.1, 4.3.2, 4.3.3 with BaseBands 01.59.00, 3.10.01, and 4.10.01, 4.11.04.

I bought it from http://ApplenBerry.com


1. Turn off your phone, insert your SIMCARD and GEVEY SIM together with the metal SIM tray provided.

2. Turn your phone on and wait for the SIM welcome menu and then select ‘accept’.

3. Then wait 15 seconds, dial ’112′ then click ‘CALL’ and hang up within 2 seconds. (DO NOT LET THE CALL CONNECT.)

4. Now go to SETTING, turn AIRPLANE MODE ON and wait until you see ‘No SIM Card Installed’. Then turn off AIRPLANE MODE; you phone should have signal after a few seconds.

Source: Gevey User Guide

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