PageNames (Cydia Tweak) – Have Fun Naming Your SpringBoard Pages Anything You Choose

Photo Jul 05, 11 27 41 PM

Have you ever wanted something else to represent your springboard pages besides those plain old page dots at the bottom of your springboard? Well now you can with PageNames. PageNames is another cool fun and games tweak that is part of tweak week series. PageNames allows you to ‘name’ your springboard pages to whatever you want, instead of having just boring old page dot. The page dots are still there but the page name appears at the top of each springboard page. No new icon is added to your springboard nor is there anything to be configured in settings. To rename any of your springboard pages, simply tap and hold an app until it wiggles like you do when you want to relocate an app. Then tap up in the text box, type anything of your choice, press “Done” on the keyboard to save it and you are finished. Make sure that you press “Done” when you are finish or it will not save the info you typed.

Ryan Petrich’s Repo:

Name: PageNames
Developer: Elias Limneos
Price: FREE
My Rating: 5/5

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