Capture Review for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 2


We’ve all had that moment when we wanted to make a quick recording of something with our iPhone, but the camera app took to long to load and you missed it. Well with ‘Capture’ that problem is no more. Capture is an app that launches your iPhone’s camcorder and immediately starts recording. There is no need to press the record button after you tap to launch the app,  like the default camera app. You also don’t have to switch between the camera and the camcorder. Capture loads super fast and starts recording in an instant, it almost seems like it’s recording while the app is launching. This is a simple but convenient  app at an awesome price, I definitely recommend this if you record a lot of videos with your iDevice’s camera.

Name: Capture — The Quick Video Camera
By: Sky Balloon
Prices: $0.99
Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 2
My Ratings: 5/5


• Minimal UI
• Start/stop recording
• Focus on tap
• Rear light toggle
• Double-tap to view full frame
• Lock orientation (in Settings)
• Disable record-on-launch (in Settings)

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