SpotEnhancer (Cydia Tweak) – Your Spotlight Search on Steroids


SpotEnhancer super charges your boring spotlight search by adding a number of features. You use predefined commands in spotlight search and each command obtains a different results. You can navigate to the Facebook web by simply searching “FB” or compose a new email by searching “New Mail” and many more in the spotlight search. No new icon is added to your homescreen nor is there any settings to be configured. The list of commands are listed below and you can also visit the link to view them.



• Bing = Bing
• FB = Facebook
• Yahoo = Yahoo
• Google = Google
• Get date = Date
• Get time = Time
• New call = New call
• New mail = New Email
• New message = New Text Message
• Twitter user = Search Twitter user

Name: SpotEnhancer
Developer: Andrea Oliva
Price: FREE
My Rating: 5/5

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