LockLauncher (Cydia Tweak) – Launch Up To 5 Apps Directly From Your Lockscreen At The Same


LockLauncher gives you the ability to launch up to five apps, at the same time, right from your lockscreen. You also have the ability to switch between those apps after they’re launched. LockLauncher remind me a lot of SlideAway, they look similar, the concept is similar, but they are different.

Developer: Akhil Tolani
Price: $1.00
My Rating: 5/5

with LockLauncher you can launch up to 5 apps at once right from your lockscreen

for example you use mail alot then you call many people then take some notes then you check your twitter then you play your favorite game so rather than unlocking your device and then searching and then launching the mail app then after use closing it and removing it from background then searching for the phone icon then after use close it then search for the notes icon and waste your time like this …… use LockLauncher

after you install LockLauncher just select your favorite/most used apps in settings

with LockLauncher all you need to do is… on the lockscreen it will show the apps you selected above your slider. Just tap whichever apps you want to launch then slide to unlock ***if you have a passcode put the passcode***

it will **directly** take you to the last app you tapped on lockscreen.. then after you are done using it just tap the home button once it will **directly** take you to the next app and the current app will go in background this will happen 5 times if you tapped all 5 apps on lockscreen and on 6th home button you will get back to your homescreen // if you tapped 3apps on lockscreen this process will happen 3 times and on the 4th home button tap you will get back to your homescreen.

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