iStartupMovie (Cydia Tweak) – Play Any VIDEO of Your Choice Whenever You Reboot or Respring


The same developer that brought you ‘iStartupSound‘, released a similar tweak today called ‘iStartupMovie’. ‘iStartupMovie’ is similar to ‘iStartupSound’, but instead of playing a sound when you reboot or respring, it plays a video. A new icon is added to your homescreen, but there isn’t anything to configure in the settings app. It come with two default videos to enable, one for retina devices and the other for none retina devices. You will have to choose the video you want to be played. If you don’t understand the instructions in Cydia or in the video, follow the guide below and lets hope that helps.

Name: iStartupMovie
Developer: Vladislav Korotnev
Price: FREE
My Rating: 5/5

If you don’t know how to SSH into your iDevice, visit this post to learn how.

Things You’ll Need:
• Any video file of your choice that is .mp4 .mov, or m4v format.
• Any SSH method of you choice I used iFile in my video.

1. Launch iFile, WinSCP, CyberDuck, or iPhonebrowser and navigate to /var/mobile/Library/StartupMovies.

2. Copy the video file into the folder /var/mobile/Library/StartupMovies.

3. Now go into the ‘iStartupMovie’ app that was installed on your homescreen and select the video that you want to be played, every time you reboot or respring.

4. That’s it, now every time you reboot or respring your iDevice, the video that you select should play.

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