LockGestures (Cydia Tweak) – Use Gesutres to Launch an App, Adjust brightness, Quick Call, & More


‘LockGestures’ gives you the ability to launch an app, play/pause/skip music adjust brightness, quickly call someone, unlock you device and much more, directly from your lockscreen. By performing pre-selected gestures that are configured in the settings app, like double tapping on lockscreen, pinch or swiping, just to name a few. No new icon is added to your homescreen, all configurations are done in your settings app, under the “LockGestures” tab. Check out the video of ‘LockGestures’ and the Cydia description below.

Name: LockGestures
Developer: Akhil Tolani
Price: $1.00
My Rating: 5/5

Cydia Description

Requires iOS 4 or higher, works on iPad , iPhone and iPod. perform favorite actions by just making gestures on lockscreen!!

play/pause Music, launch apps, quickly call anyone, unlock in style, go to previous/next song and much more by just performing gestures on your lockscreen !!

with LockGestures you can perform your favorite actions by just performing gestures like double tapping on the lockscreen, pinch on the lockscreen like you do to zoom webpages & pictures, swipe upwards with one finger, swipe down/left/right, & many more gestures.

for example you want to launch iPod or any other favorite app & you have selected two finger tap. all you need to do is tap once with two fingers anywhere on the Lockscreen & you will **directly** get to your iPod app

(if you have a password it will ask for it then directly take you to iPod..) OR you want increase your brightness and you have selected one finger swipe up.. all you have to do is swipe upwards with one finger anywhere on lockscreen & your brightness will increase

if you have another tweaks which use the middle part of you lockscreen like lockinfo.. you can perform gestures in the clock area or anywhere there is free space

You can select your gestures & corresponding actions and other options in settings app. (see screenshots of the preferences below)

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