Android Recent Apps (Cydia Tweak) – How To Access Recent Apps Like Android

Android Recent Apps

If you are familiar with the way Android devices view there recently used apps, then you will be familiar with ‘Android Recent Apps’. ‘Android Recent Apps’ gives you the ability to view and launch up to 12 of your recently used apps, even if they are closed. Normally you can view your recent/open apps in your appswitcher but that’s only if they are open, but Android Recent Apps lets you view them whether they are open or closed.

The default method of activating this tweaks is by holding the home button for a second or two, but you can also select your own method via activator. No new icon is added to your homescreen, and the only thing to configure is the activation method in activator (if you don’t like the default activation method). Check out the video of Android Recent Apps below.

Name: Android Recent Apps
Developer: Fr0zen Sun
Price: $1.49
My Rating: 2/5

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