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Below is ‘My Top 10 HP TouchPad Games, most of the games in the WebOS AppStore are over priced and they suck. So I did this video to help users save some money. One or Two of the games that I included I didn’t really like, but I thought some of you might like them. I tried to find a video for every game, but not all of the videos are for the HP TouchPad. However it’s the same game just a different device. So checkout my video of my top 10 HP TouchPad Games and if you want a extra look at a game you saw in my video; scroll down and check out the extra videos.


My Top 10 HP TouchPad Games


Extra Video:

1. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD – $4.99
This game is awesome:
Lots of cars
Lots of maps
Awesome graphics

2. Aftermath XHD – $5.99
Another awesome game, but can get a bit redundant
Good graphics

3. TileStorm – $3.99
Another puzzle game that will keep you occupied for a LONG time

4. Word Search HD – $1.99
Just like word search in the book. If you like doing it manually, you will like playing it digitally. I couldn’t find a video for this one.

5. Beyond Ynth HD – $3.99
Another awesome game that makes you think.

6. Ground Effect Pro – $3.99
This game has SO MUCH potential, but as for right now it sucks. There is/was suppose to be some 3D effect to the game, however I didn’t see it. All you do in this game is race to unlock maps. You don’t get to power up your jet, you don’t unlock other jets, there isn’t any guns. Just race and unlock maps.

7. Big Boss – $1.49
This game is okay and I think the price is too. It’s much better than a lot of the games in the WebOS AppStore, but I think it’s mostly for kids.

8. Deal or No Deal – $2.99
This game is highly over priced, there is no sounds AT ALL. No crowd, no host, no thing (lol). However it’s the classic Deal or no deal, so of you may like it. I couldn’t find a video for this one.

9. Robotek HD – FREE
This is an awesome strategy game. Be sure to play the tutorial before you start your journey.

10. Assassin’s Creed – FREE
If you are familiar with Assassin’s Creed, then this game needs no explanation.

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