MyGreatFest Recap (Video Recording of MyGreatFest)

MyGreatFest Recap

Just thought I’d do a MyGreatFest recap for all those who missed the live stream. If you are not familiar with MyGreatFest, it was the world’s first ever jailbreak convention. Most of the speaker just talked about their background and how they got into jailbreaking. Nothing really much to elaborate on, the biggest news came from Joshua Hill aka P0sixninja and that was about the iPhone 5 jailbreak. Now this was extremely interesting given the fact that the iPhone 5 ain’t released yet. Jay Freeman aka saurik was the last speaker and he had the mic for about 1 hour and 40 minutes, but he give some good information. Checkout more information, a recording of MyGreatFest and my video recap below.

Recording Of MyGreatFest:

My Video Recap:

Aaron Ash aka @Aaronash and what he spoke about:

How he got started
The tweaks he already created, didn’t finish and what he is working on. You can add he repo to Cydia and check out the tweaks that he never released to the default repo. But they tweak are extremely buggy, so you are using them at your own risk. his reop is
To download his PowerPoint presentation click here.

Joshua Hill aka P0sixninja and what he spoke about:

Chronic Dev Team
iPhone 5 Jailbreak

iDroid Project Team and what they spoke about:

Their main focus was the iDroid Project and if you’re not familiar with the iDroid project. It’s basically a project with the soul purpose of porting android to an iOS device. Checkout the recording I took of that said project below.

Carstein aka iFile4iPhone and what he spoke about:
How he got started
Download stats on iFile

James Whelton and what he spoke about:
How he got started
Jailbreaking iPod Touch 5 Generation

Jay Freeman aka @saurik and what he spoke about:
Cydia Piracy
Cydia getting multitasking
How he is working to improve Cydia
and much more

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