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Dark Meadow

Dark Meadow is a mixure of Infinity Blade and a horror. The game is dark and creepy and I think that was the feel they were going for. They just drop you into the game with no introduction or anything, you wake up on a bed in this creepy old house with this old man to greet you. You have to navigate the house to look for what seems like a ‘ghost’ of a young female child and defeat her three times. The graphics are awesome, they look nice and clean. No problem there.

The navigation controls suck. To move and navigate you have to tap the screen every time your player stops, this makes the game extra long and annoying. There is no joystick or directional pad and to look around you just swipe the screen. The fighting controls are fine. They are similar to Infinity Blade controls where you swipe across the screen to attack and press the buttons to dodge and evade the enemies attacks.

For $5.99, I don’t recommend this game because the controls and constant starting over just makes the game boring. I don’t mind the starting over, but the starting over + the stupid controls are just ridiculous. The game isn’t even that long, but with that combination, it makes it seem that way. Checkout my video review of Dark Meadow below.

Name: Dark Meadow
By: Phosphor Games Studio
Prices: $5.99
Devices: ALL
My Rating: 2/5
Appstore (Universal)

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