Guide: How To Fix iTunes Error 3194 (Mac or Windows)

There are two ways to fix that pesky iTunes error 3194 that you get when trying to restore your iDevice. You can manually modify the hosts file or you can download the latest version of TinyUmbrella and it will do it for you.

First Option: Manually

Step 1: Make sure iTunes is closed.

Step 2: Run notepad as an administrator

Step 3: Navigate to to your hosts file. On Mac OS X it should be located “/etc/hosts” and on Windows it is located “C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts”.

Step 4: Delete any line with “” and save.

After you complete the four steps above, you should not receive iTunes error 3194 when you try to restore.

Second Option: Automatic

Step 1: Download and run the latest version of  TinyUmbrella for Windows or Mac.

Step 2: After you’ve done that, click on “advanced tab” and uncheck the option Set Hosts to Cydia on Exit”.

Step 3: Click on “Apply Changes”

Step 4: Restart your computer or Mac

After you complete the four steps above, you should not receive iTunes error 3194 when you try to restore.

If you did both options but still get iTunes 3194 error, then try a different computer.

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10 Responses to “Guide: How To Fix iTunes Error 3194 (Mac or Windows)”

  1. Marius says:

    I have tried the above settings and still UNABLE TO RESTORE iphone 3GS.


  2. ary says:

    i tried all steps but my iphone not restore items same what can i do??????

  3. Ethan says:

    Tinyumbrella worked, then i updated it and deleted the old version and now it won’t work. Neither will anything!

  4. jacob says:

    guys if this dosent work and you tried everthing remember you have to close Itunes while your doing this! and if you dowloaded TU you have to unchec “set host to cydia”

  5. omerhayyat says:

    thanks it work

  6. Louis says:

    I did the restore with itunes but then it said it was done and now my iphone 4 screen is just stuck with the apple sign and an? empty progress bar and nothing’s happening. I tried tiny umbrella which used to recover it but now it just reboots it back to that screen with the apple logo and the empty bar. Can you please help me.

    • Admin says:

      What are you talking about? If you have a problem you need to comment on the post that you had problems while following. You question doesn’t seem to be related to this post.

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