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Battlefield 3 Aftershock

Battlefield 3™: Aftershock GAMEPLAY REVIEW iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

I have no idea what EA was thinking when they released Battlefield 3 Aftershock. It is a big disappointed, especially coming from a big game developer like EA. The game feels like it’s a beta, it only has one map, the graphics are average, it’s glitchy, and the servers always discount. I really hope the game is a beta and EA didn’t really release something so horrible. Checkout our video review of Battlefield 3 Aftershock below. Click To Read More >>>

Dark Meadow

Dark Meadow Review iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Dark Meadow is a mixure of Infinity Blade and a horror. The game is dark and creepy and I think that was the feel they were going for. They just drop you into the game with no introduction or anything, you wake up on a bed in this creepy old house with this old man to greet you. You have to navigate the house to look for what seems like a ‘ghost’ of a young female child and defeat her three times. The graphics are awesome, they look nice and clean. No problem there. Click To Read More >>>


SHADOWGUN Review iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

SHADOWGUN is your typical 3rd person shooter. I’m not writer and don’t have much to write on it, so checkout the Appstore description and my video review below. Click To Read More >>>

High Speed 3D Thumbnail

Race illegal: High Speed 3D Review iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

‘Race illegal: High Speed 3D’ is the typical racing game, I don’t have much to say on it. So checkout the AppStore description and my video review below. Click To Read More >>>

Crime City

Crime City Game Review for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

If you’ve ever played mafia wars on Facebook or Myspace and liked it, then you probably like ‘Crime City’. ‘Crime City’ is an awesome iOS game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The first time I played it, I immediately thought of mafia wars. You rob other mafias, build an empire, complete goals/jobs and build a mafia. The main different I see between the two is that ‘Crime City’ has animation and ‘Mafia Wars’ is basically a click and play game. CC has tons of feature and it’s free, minus the in app purchases. The only downfall is, it’s an online only game, but once you have internet access, you’ll definitely enjoy the game. Check out the video of ‘Crime City’ below. Click To Read More >>>

DeadLock Online

Deadlock: Online Review for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Deadlock: Online is a awesome online multi-player shooter. You can join in on the action and play against thousands of other players in online matches. Compete in daily and weekly tournaments to win unlock points. Over 30 different weapons, armor, and attachments – including different pistols, rifles, machine guns, grenades, scopes,and flashbangs! Practice your shooting skills before entering in online matches by playing Survival Mode and Bot Matches offline! Click To Read More >>>


Capture Review for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 2

We’ve all had that moment when we wanted to make a quick recording of something with our iPhone, but the camera app took to long to load and you missed it. Well with ‘Capture’ that problem is no more. Capture is an app that launches your iPhone’s camcorder and immediately starts recording. There is no need to press the record button after you tap to launch the app,  like the default camera app. You also don’t have to switch between the camera and the camcorder. Capture loads super fast and starts recording in an instant, it almost seems like it’s recording while the app is launching. This is a simple but convenient  app at an awesome price, I definitely recommend this if you record a lot of videos with your iDevice’s camera. Click To Read More >>>

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Color Bandits Review for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Color Bandits is a nice little pickup and play game that anyone can play. It seems that the evil steam punk boss has stolen the color from your home world and it’s up to you to get it back! It’s a fast and furious side scrolling shooter with colorful weapons and extreme boss fights. You sail smoothly through the game until you get to about level 5 and 6 which are extremely different and it may take you a couple tries to pass them. All-in-All Color Bandits is a nice game to pass some time and if they could add some more levels this game can be another hit by Chillingo. Click To Read More >>>

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