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NCSwipe for Notification Center

Swipe Gestures In Notification Center With ‘NCSwipe for Notification Center’

‘NCSwipe for Notification Center’ adds swipe and tap gestures to your iOS 5 notification center. Swipe directions include left or right and you can just tap on the icon for an extra option. With these gestures you can toggle WiFi, respring, reboot, airplane mode and many other options. Click To Read More >>>


Launch Siri Using iOS 5 Lockscreen Camera Button with ‘LockAssistant’

‘LockAssistant’ allows you to use the iOS 5 lockscreen camera button to launch Siri. After installing it, you will no longer be able to use the lockscreen camera button to launch the camera. It will only be able to launch Siri. No new icon is added to your homescreen, nor is there anything to configure. Check out the video of LockAssistant below. Click To Read More >>>

Tweak Showdown Thumbnail

Tweak Showdown: UnlockFX vs iUnlock!!!

This is the first ‘Tweak Showdown’ we’ve done here at and we plan to do a lot more. Tweak showdown is a series where we compare two similar tweaks and see which one is the best. This tweak showdown is between UnlockFX by Filippo Biga and iUnlock by Ma Jun. Click To Read More >>>


Extend the Functions of iOS 5 Lockscreen Camera Button with ‘LSCameraExtender’

‘LSCameraExtender’ extend the functions of the iOS 5 lockscreen camera button. With LSCameraExtender the camera button is always showing, so there is no need to double press the home button for it to appear. But you can also use it to lock the orientation rotation and/or silent your iDevice. Click To Read More >>>


Major Utilities In Notification Center with ‘WeeToolBox for Notifcation Center’

WeeToolBox for notification center brings shortcut utilities to your NC. Which include, flashlight, camera, phone, tweet and ‘paste to’ buttons. Click To Read More >>>


Flipping, Spinning, Rotating Dock Icons with ‘AnimateDock’ For iPhone iPod Touch And iPad

We’ve seen IconBounce and Motion, now there’s ‘AnimateDock’. AnimateDock brings animation to your homescreen dock icons. Click To Read More >>>


‘Barrel’ For Notification Center Awesome Animation Transitions with ‘WeeRoll’

Most of us should know, used or probably heard of ‘Barrel’ by Aaron Ash, that awesome tweak that allow you to choose custom animation transitions for when switching between hommescreen pages. Click To Read More >>>


Set Custom Push Notification Tones for Any App That Supports Push with ‘PushTone’

‘PushTone’ allows you to change the default push notification sound for any app that supports push notification. Normally you’re only limited to the default push sound that comes with the app (unless the app allow you to change it), but with PushTone you use any sound from you iOS sound library. Click To Read More >>>

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