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Screen Swipe Sounds

Custom Sounds When Switching Between Homescreen Pages with ‘Screen Swipe Sounds’

‘Screen Swipe Sounds’ is a nice fun and games tweak that allows you to set custom sounds for when you switch between your homescreen pages. So every time you switch to a different homescreen page, you will hear a sound play. Click To Read More >>>


How To Siri Install For A4 Devices With AssistantConnect4S & AssistantConnect

Since Chpwn released Spire, everyone has been looking for the best FREE proxy server, so that they can get Siri on their older iOS devices. However ‘best’ and ‘free’ don’t normally go together. Most if not all of the FREE proxy servers suck, and all the good ones are paid. So it was either you pay or you use the sucky servers. Until now! Click To Read More >>>

Sara Dictation

How To Get Sara Dictation Feature (Siri’s Twin Sister)

If you guys remember just the other day I did a video showing you how to get Sara, Siri’s twin sister for your iOS device. Well today I am showing you how to get Sara’s dictation feature. It’s a simple and straight forward process, just follow the video and/or steps listed below. If you don’t have Sara and you want it, click here to checkout my post on how to get Sara. Click To Read More >>>

AirBlue Sharing

AirBlue Sharing – How To Send & Receive Files Via Bluetooth iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

‘AirBlue Sharing’ gives your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad the ability to send and receive files via bluetooth. There file could include notes, images and music (receive only). It’s straight forward and easy to use with virtually requiring no setup. Checkout the list of features and our video demo of AirBlue Sharing below. Click To Read More >>>


Mirror In Notification Center With ‘MirrorWidget’

‘MirriorWidget’ allows you to take pictures from iOS 5 notification center. To take a picture, you just tap the embedded window once and tap it twice to switch between the rear and front facing cameras (if you have a one). Click To Read More >>>


NCColors (Cydia Tweak) – Change Notification Center Background Color & More

We’ve seen tweaks like Custom NC Background, that allowed you to change the background on notification center. Until now we haven’t seen any that changed the color of it. Until now! Click To Read More >>>


Bulletin (Cydia Tweak) Access Notification Center from Lockscreen & More

If you want to be able to access your iOS 5 notification center from the lockscreen, without paying the heavy price of $9.99 for intelliscreenX. Then ‘Bulletin’ is the tweak for you. Click To Read More >>>

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