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StatusTweak (Cydia Tweak) – Brings MASSIVE Customization To Your iDevice’s Status Bar

‘StatusTweak’ brings massive customization to your iDevice’s status bar. With StatusTweak you can arrange your iDevice’s status bar items however you want and put them where ever you want. You can space them apart or cram them together, disable that frustrating icon limit, and even enable a hidden animation feature in your status bar to bring it to life. Click To Read More >>>

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ArrangeStatusBar (Cydia Tweak) – How To Arrange Status Bar To Your Liking

Have you ever wanted to arrange your status bar however you want? Putting the time on the right instead of in the middle. Moving the wi-fi signal bars all the way to the end, better yet moving the battery percentage next to the egde/3G? Well now you can with ArrangeStatusBar. ArrangeStatusBar allows you to arrange well, your status bar to however you choose, just in case you dislike the default location that they are in. No new icon is added to your homescreen and the only configuring that needs to be done is on your status bar. If you ever get tired of it and want to revert back to the default status bar, locate “ArrangeStatusBar” in the setting apps and select the option “Reset StatusBar” option. This will change your status bar back to normal as if you never touched it in the first place. Click To Read More >>>

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