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ActionBoard (Cydia Tweak) – Add Respring, Reboot, Turn Off and Compose To AppSwitcher

‘ActionBoard’ adds system functions to your Appswitcher. These functions include respring, reboot, Power Down and Compose. When you tap the compose option another set of commands are revealed, which are SMS, mail and tweet. Selecting any of these options, allow you to compose a new message, whether it be a new email, SMS, or tweet. No new icon is added to your homescreen, nor is there anything to configure. Check out the video of ActionBoard below. Click To Read More >>>


Anicons (Cydia Tweak) – Brings 8 SBSettings Toggles to Your Home Screen

If you kept tracked of tweak week, you may have saw when Dan Zimmerman created ‘WifiIcon’ & ‘AirplaneModeIcon’. They allowed you to control your wifi and air plane mode right from you homescreen. Well that same developer just released a similar tweak called ‘Anicons’, but it supports more toggles and it’s just one tweak instead of several tweaks. Anicons adds eight animated icon toggles to your homescreen and each one serves a different purpose. These toggles allow you to control airplane mode, wifi, 3g/edge, data, location, respring, rotation lock and bluetooth right from the homescreen. It’s like adding sbsettings to your homescreen but the only difference is sbsettings is free and supports many more toggles. If you don’t want or use all eight toggles, you can disables the ones you don’t use inside the settings app under the ‘Anicons’ tab. Click To Read More >>>

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PageNames (Cydia Tweak) – Have Fun Naming Your SpringBoard Pages Anything You Choose

Have you ever wanted something else to represent your springboard pages besides those plain old page dots at the bottom of your springboard? Well now you can with PageNames. PageNames is another cool fun and games tweak that is part of tweak week series. PageNames allows you to ‘name’ your springboard pages to whatever you want, instead of having just boring old page dot. The page dots are still there but the page name appears at the top of each springboard page. No new icon is added to your springboard nor is there anything to be configured in settings. To rename any of your springboard pages, simply tap and hold an app until it wiggles like you do when you want to relocate an app. Then tap up in the text box, type anything of your choice, press “Done” on the keyboard to save it and you are finished. Make sure that you press “Done” when you are finish or it will not save the info you typed. Click To Read More >>>

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SBFader (Cydia Tweak) – How To Customize the Fading Effect for SpringBoard Icons

SBFader is a tweak that will enhance your springboard experience by adding some smoothness with fade-ins/outs in most springboard transitions. No new icons are added to your homescreen. All the configurations are done in the settings apps. Click To Read More >>>

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Bigify+ (Cydia Tweak) – How To Customize Your SpringBoard Icons

Have you ever want to spruce up your boring old springboard icons, well now you can with Bigify+. There is a previous version of this tweak called “Bigify” but it had limited customization. Bigify+ is even bigger than Bigify! It can make your icons look blue and icy, inverted and strange, even cracked like pavement. Those are just a few example of the features. They added a preview window so now you can see how your icons will look before you respring. They also added a colorizer, and texture option. Click To Read More >>>

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SpringBoard Invaders (Cydia Tweak) -How To Play Space Invaders On Your SpringBoard

SpringBoard invaders lets you turn your springboard into an arcade game. It creates an additional page on your SpringBoard that starts the classic space invaders game using your SpringBoard icons and lets you play when you scroll to that page. You play the game by using your iPhones accelerometer to move left to right and you tap the screen to shoot the falling icons. Click To Read More >>>

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