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EasyFindOnPage (Cydia Tweak) – Faster Word Searching On Safari Webpage

If you are a avid Safari user, then you probably do keyword specific searches in Safari all the time and sometimes that process can be sort of lengthy. Having to tap the Google search dialog box in the upper right-hand corner, then having to type the word you want to search, scrolling down to the bottom to find and select it. If you always do keyword specific searches in Safari, that process may become annoying. ‘EasyFindOnPage’ makes the process of searching keywords in Safari much easier. Click To Read More >>>

GridTab For Safari

GridTab For Safari (Cydia Tweak) – Grid Tab View For Safari

‘GridTab For Safari’ gives you the ability to have grid tab view in Safari. Normally when you expand you tabs in Safari, all of your webpages are in one line. With ‘GridTab For Safari they are it a grid view, which makes it much easier to navigate and view your webpages. No new icon is added to your homescreen, nor is there anything to configured. Click To Read More >>>

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