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Top 10 NEW iPad/ iPad 3,2,1 Cydia Tweak [2015]

Since the New iPad just got it’s first jailbreak, i figured i’d do a top iPad tweaks video. In this post I list my Top 10 iPad Cydia tweaks for The New iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 1. Some are free and some are paid. They aren’t in any specific order, I just threw them together. Hopefully you guys like them as much as I do! Click To Read More >>>


How To Run Cydia in the Background / AppSwitcher

This post will show you how to make Cydia run in the background/AppSwticher. This will allow Cydia to launch once it was open before and not have to load every single time you open it. You guys ask me about this numerous times, so here is a tutorial on it. Just follow the video down below. All you need is iFile from Cydia or you can SSH into your device. iFile is much easy though. Click To Read More >>>

Siri Glowing Apple

Siri Glowing Apple – How To Change Siri Mic To An Apple

About two weeks ago we told you about ‘Siri Mic Color‘ which allowed you to change, well, Siri’s Mic Color. Now come ‘Siri Glowing Apple’ and it allows you to change not only the mic color, but also the look of Siri. Siri Glowing Apple Changes the Siri mic to an Apple and it has a number of color options. No new icon is added to your homescreen, apply the mic of your choice in Winterboard. Check out the video of Siri Glowing Apple below. Click To Read More >>>


MissionControl (Cydia Tweak) – Another Multitasking Option For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

Cydia Description:
  Click To Read More >>>


LocationReminders (Cydia Tweak) – Enable Location Based Reminders In iOS 5

Cydia Description:
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Flowtation (Cydia Tweak) – Give Notification Center A FLOATING look!

Cydia Description:
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OpenSiri (Cydia Tweak) – How To Open Apps WIth Siri

Just yesterday after the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Jailbreak was released, we saw how the developers started making good use of Siri. From themes that allowed you to change the color of Siri’s mic and others that change the background UI. To tweaks like ‘VoiceUtils‘ that give Siri the ability of performing custom commands, like reboot, respring etc. Click To Read More >>>

Siri Theme: How To Change Siri UI Background

Siri Theme: How To Change Siri Theme

This video will show you how “How To Change Siri UI Background” on the iPhone 4S or any device that you may have running Siri. Click To Read More >>>

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