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iRepo (Cydia Utility) – How To Create and Host Your Own Cydia Repo From Your iDevice

‘iRepo’ gives you the ability to create and host your own Cydia repo, directly from your iDevice. iRepo makes creating and hosting your own repo so easy, that even a novice can do it. There are a couple parameters that needs to be followed, once they are followed it’s a piece of cake. Check out the video of iRepo below for more information and setup instructions. Click To Read More >>>


RapidContact (Cydia Tweak) – Quickly Compose SMS or Call From Anywhere On iPhone

‘RapidContact’ or ‘RC’ for short, gives you the ability to make a quick call or compose a quick text message. Whether you are inside an app or at the lockscreen you can just summon RC via activator and make a call or compose an SMS. If you select the text message option for RC it takes you to the messaging app and that’s my biggest dislike with it. This is not very productive or “quick”, because you have to stop and leave the app you are using. Click To Read More >>>


HiddenCallLog (Cydia Tweak) – How To Hide Call Log From Peeping Toms

‘HiddenCallLog’ gives you the ability to hide your iPhone’s call log; you know, from all those peeping toms. When you press the “Clear” button in the phone app under the “Recents” tab, you not only get the “Clear All Recents” option but also a “Refresh” option. When you tap the refresh option, all your recent calls go incognito and can only be seen by tapping the refresh option again. No new icon is added to your homescreen, nor is there anything to configure. Check out the video of ‘HiddenCallLog’ below. Click To Read More >>>


PopPod (Cydia Tweak) – Summon Enhanced iPod Controls From Anywhere On Your iDevice

‘PopPod’ gives you the ability to summon enhanced iPod controls from anywhere on your iDevice. Which include artwork, volume, Previous, Play/Pause, Next, Lyrics and OpenPrevious. It relies on Activator and once that gesture is set, you just perform that gesture to summons the controls. No new icon is added to your homescreen, you only have to configure the Activator gesture. Check out the video of PopPod below. Click To Read More >>>


PowerLock (Cydia Tweak) – Brings 12 SBSettings Toggles to Your LockScreen

‘PowerLock’ is like SBSetting and Anicons on your lockscreen. It adds 12 toggles to your lockscreen, which include unlock, respring, and safe mode just to name a few. This allows you to perform these actions without even unlocking your iDevice. No new icon is added to your homescreen, all configurations are done in your settings app, under the “PowerLock” tab. It’s kind of hard to explain it in words, so check out the video of PowerLock below. Click To Read More >>>


SleepDepriver (Cydia Tweak) – Toggle Off/On Auto Sleep, Perfect For When You’re Installing Stuff

Well just the other day I did a review of ‘Caffeine‘; a tweak that prevented your iDevice from going sleep when it is activated. well today a similar tweak was released and that tweak is ‘SleepDepriver’. SleepDepriver does more or less the same thing as Caffeine. The only difference with the two, is that SleepDepriver has a status bar icon, no message is displayed when it is activated and there’s a tab inside the settings app. Click To Read More >>>


FlashCam (Cydia Tweak) – Access Both Flashlight & Camera From Lockscreen

‘FlashCam’ gives you the ability to quickly access your iPhone 4′s LED flash directly from the lockscreen and use it as a flashlight. You can also quickly launch your idevices camera, to either record a video or snap a quick photo. Several Camera apps are supported, including Instagram, Camera+ and there are some other customization features. Click To Read More >>>


HomeScreenMusic (Cydia Tweak) – Play, Stop and Change Music Right From Homescreen

‘HomeScreenMusic’ is a nice tweak brought to you by our good friends iPodUplink. ’HomeScreenMusic’ is gives you the ability to play, stop and change your music directly from the homescreen. When installed, it adds a new icon to your homescreen that you use to control your music. Just tap the play/pause button to play/pause a song and to change a song, you just hold down the icon until it spreads out. Then you tap the skip or repeat controls to navigate to the song of your choice. You can also move the icon around to any position on the springboard of your choice. It’s an awesome tweak for beginners and I’ll be looking forward to see what they release in the feature. Click To Read More >>>

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