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Angry Poo Game

Angry Poo Game (Cydia Game) – Toss Poo At Toilets (Angry Birds)

“LOL” is the best word/abbreviation that I can choose to start off this review. ‘Angry Poo Game’ is a Cydia game that’s not going to blow your mind with excitement, but it will give you a laugh. I think it’s only best that the Cydia description be the one to explain this game in words. Checkout the Cydia Description and video of Angry Poo Game below. Click To Read More >>>


FunnyCaller (Cydia Tweak) – Change Incoming Caller’s Name To Anything

‘FunnyCaller’ gives you the ability to change the name of incoming calls to anything of your choice. Whenever you get an incoming call, whatever you chose to input, will be display for the caller. You can still see the caller’s correct name below the name that you replaced it with. The only downfall is that, the same thing will be displayed for ALL your incoming calls. No new icon is added to your homescreen, all configurations are done in your settings app, under the “FunnyCaller” tab. Check out the video of ‘FunnyCaller’ below. Click To Read More >>>

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