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HUD Controls Plus

HUD Controls Plus (Cydia Tweak) – Customize Your HUD With Colors, Artwork, Time, Date & More

HUD Controls Plus is the perfect tweak to customize and add cool features to your Heads Up Display (HUD). You can enable or disable the tweak and any of the features. You can also, disable HUD view, set a custom title or subtitle for the HUD and change the color of the text. You can enable brightness HUD, which will change your volume rockers from volume controls to brightness controls. Enabling the song, the artist and the artwork, allows you to see what song is playing, who is the artist and the picture that you have for that song, all inside your HUD. Click To Read More >>>


Corner-Volume (Cydia Tweak) – Move Volume HUD To A Different Position

Corner-Volume is another one of those “fun and games tweak” you guys always hear me talk about. It doesn’t do much to your iDevice just gives it a little extra functionality, not much to talk about. Corner-Volume moves your volume Heads Up Display (HUD) down into the right hand corner of your iDevice. Normally your volume HUD sits in the middle of your screen whenever you adjust the volume, but with Corner-Volume it sit in the bottom right hand corner. Click To Read More >>>

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