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How To Siri Install For A4 Devices With AssistantConnect4S & AssistantConnect

Since Chpwn released Spire, everyone has been looking for the best FREE proxy server, so that they can get Siri on their older iOS devices. However ‘best’ and ‘free’ don’t normally go together. Most if not all of the FREE proxy servers suck, and all the good ones are paid. So it was either you pay or you use the sucky servers. Until now! Click To Read More >>>


How To Install Clock, Weather, Calculator, Stock, Voice Memo and Compass Apps On iPad

This post will show you how to install clock, weather, calculator, stock, voice memo and compass stocks iPhone apps On the iPad. This process is extremely simple, the only requirement is a jailbroken iPad 1 or 2. Watch the video below for further instructions. Click To Read More >>>

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How To “Jailbreak”/Install Preware On HP TouchPad

This post will show you how to install preware on HP TouchPad. Preware is a homebrew packet management application tool which works on HP Palm aka WebOS platforms (devices). Preware is the most advanced installer which is currently available as on-device installer which can install applications, themes, and patches, and also provides you access to over 1600+ Linux programs. Click To Read More >>>

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How To Update HP TouchPad Software To Latest Version

This post will show you how to update your current HP TouchPad’s software to the Latest version. Click To Read More >>>



Just a quick important security update video on CVE-2011-0228 and iSSLfix. I’m not an expert on this, but the developers have been stressing that you install this, if you are on iOS 4.3.4 or lower. Apple issued the iOS 4.3.5 update to fix this problem, so iOS 4.3.5 users don’t have to worry about this. Checkout the links below to read up on these stuff some more. Click To Read More >>>


Caffeine (Cydia Tweak) – Toggle Off/On Auto Sleep, Perfect For When You’re Installing Stuff

‘Caffeine’ is a nifty tweak that gives you the ability to toggle on/off your iDevice’s auto sleep function. This is extremely useful for when you’re installing large themes from Cydia or even installing apps from the AppStore. Normally when I am installing a theme or even refreshing Cydia, I have to constantly keep an eye on my device, to make sure it doesn’t fall asleep and interrupt the process. With ‘Caffeine’ I no longer have to do that, I just enable it before I refresh Cydia or install a theme and let it work it’s magic. No new icon is added to your homescreen, nor is there anything to configure, check out the video of ‘Caffeine’ below. Click To Read More >>>

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