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Avoid Restoring

How To Avoid RESTORING Because Of RESPRING Loop & Faulty Tweaks

Sometimes we get stuck in a respring loop and we’re force to restore. Well this is no more, because this post will show you how to avoid RESTORING Because Of Respring Loop & Faulty Tweaks. Checkout our video below to learn how to do this. Click To Read More >>>

How To Speed up iPhone iPod Touch iPad

How To Speed up iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

This post will show you how to speed up your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Now this isn’t a miracle worker, it’s not going to turn your iPod Touch 1G into an iPhone 4S. It doesn’t work like that, but you should notice a difference. Hope you guys get the same result as I did and remember, you’re doing this at your own risk! Click To Read More >>>


Top 50 Cydia Tweak [2015]

You guys always bug me about my top Cydia tweak, so in this post I list my Top 50 Cydia tweak for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Hopefully you guys like them as much as I do. Some are free and some are paid. They aren’t in any specific order, I just threw them together. Hopefully you guys like them as much as I do! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom and see other top tweaks that didn’t make it into the video! Click To Read More >>>


WorldClockCenter for Notifcation Center – Always Display World Clocks In Notification Center

‘WorldClockCenter for Notifcation Center’ allows you to always display the world clocks that you have set in your default clock app, in your notification center. So if you have 20 world clocks in your clock app, it will display all 20 of them in your notification center. Click To Read More >>>


DismissSiri – Easily Dismiss Siri By Saying Cancel, Dismiss or Close

‘DismissSiri’ allows you to dismiss Siri by saying “cancel”, “dismiss” or “close”. This is good for people that have home button problems, but useless to others. No new icon is added to your homescreen, you can select the dismiss work by going into your settings app, under the DismissSiri tab. Check out the video demo of DismissSiri below. Click To Read More >>>

Top 30 Fonts

Top 30 Fonts for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad [2015]

In this post I list my Top 30 Fonts for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Hopefully you guys like them as much as I do. You have to use Bytafont to use these and it’s free in Cydia along with all the fonts. Click To Read More >>>


QuickSiri – Launch Siri In Full Screen Mode

‘QuickSiri’ allows you to launch Siri in full screen mode from the first launch. Normally when you launch Siri it doesn’t open up in full screen, instead it opens up 1/4 of the screen and when it’s searching or responding it opens in full screen mode. With QuickSiri it launches in full screen mode from the beginning. Click To Read More >>>


FastClear – Quickly Clear Notification Center Notifications With One Tap

If you’re like me and you hate having to tap twice to clear your notification center notifications, then ‘FastClear’ is the tweak for you. Instead of having to tap the ‘x’ and then tap ‘clear’, you can just tap ‘clear’ and it will dismiss your notifications. Previously the only two tweaks that had this feature was ‘NotificationCenter Enhancer‘ and ‘Springtomize 2‘ and they are both paid. Click To Read More >>>

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