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Launch Siri from the Homescreen with ‘SiriBoard’

I’ve already shown you guys LockAssistant, which allowed you to launch Siri from your lockscreen. Using the iOS 5 camera button. Now meet it’s counterpart ‘SiriBoard’. SiriBoard allows you to launch Siri from your homescreen using the SiriBoard icon. Click To Read More >>>


Quickly Dismiss Siri By Swiping Up Like Zephyr with ‘SwipeSiri’

‘SwipeSiri’ allows you easily dismiss Siri by Swiping up. Kind of like how you swipe up with Zephyr to access your appswitcher. No new icon is added to your homescreen, nor is there anything to configure. Check out the video of SwipeSiri below. Click To Read More >>>


Quickly Compose New SMS, Email or Tweet with ‘FastStatus’

‘FastStatus’ allows you to quickly compose a new SMS, email or tweet from anywhere on your iDevice. Once installed, just set up your activation method and whenever you want to perform any of the actions listed above. Activate it via activator, select your action and BINGO. Click To Read More >>>


Add Swipe Gestures To iPod/Music App iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with ‘MusicGestures’

‘MusicGestures’ adds swipe and tap gestures to your iPod or Music app. With these gestures you can play/pause track, skip/previous track, toggle info overlay and more. Gestures include swipe left, right, up or down, single, double, triple tap and last but not least pinch. Click To Read More >>>


Add tons of new Unicode symbols to your iDevice’s Keyboard with ‘Pictokeyboard’

‘Pictokeyboard’ allows you to add unicode symbols to your iDevice’s Keyboard. After you install it, you have to enable it just like you would enable emoji. Checkout the video of Pictokeyboard below. Click To Read More >>>

Jailbreak FAQ Addon Chatbot

Jailbreak FAQ Addon Chatbot – Siri Talks About Jailbreaking

‘Jailbreak FAQ Addon Chatbot’ is an ‘AssistantExtensions‘ add-on that gives Siri jailbreak knowledge. This allows Siri to answers jailbreak questions like “What is jailbreak” or “What is Cydia”. And if you want to get more complicated, it can also help you with those annoying iTunes errors, just say “Error 3194″ and you’ll be amazed by the in-dept answer it gives you. Click To Read More >>>


Extend the Functions of iOS 5 Lockscreen Camera Button with ‘LSCameraExtender’

‘LSCameraExtender’ extend the functions of the iOS 5 lockscreen camera button. With LSCameraExtender the camera button is always showing, so there is no need to double press the home button for it to appear. But you can also use it to lock the orientation rotation and/or silent your iDevice. Click To Read More >>>


Flipping, Spinning, Rotating Dock Icons with ‘AnimateDock’ For iPhone iPod Touch And iPad

We’ve seen IconBounce and Motion, now there’s ‘AnimateDock’. AnimateDock brings animation to your homescreen dock icons. Click To Read More >>>

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