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ToDoNotes (Cyida Tweak) – Use Spotlight Search To View Your Notes

‘ToDoNotes’ gives you the ability to display your “Notes” inside spotlight search. If you have a To-Do list in notes, you can display it in spotlight search and the changes of see it during the day, will increase by 75%. No new icon is added to your homescreen, all you have to do is go into your notes app, create a note, tap on the email icon at the bottom and select the “Push To ToDoNotes” option. Now every time you scroll over to your spotlight search you will see your to-do list. Check out the video of ‘ToDoNotes’ below. Click To Read More >>>

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RemoveSound (Cydia Tweak) – Add An “Empty Trash” Sound When You Delete An App, Email or Note

RemoveSound is another fun and games tweak that adds a “empty trash” sound when you delete an app, email or a note. No new icon is added to your homescreen. All configurations are done in your settings app, under the “RemoveSound” tab. Click To Read More >>>

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