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iWindows (Cydia Emulator) – Windows Simulator for iPhone and iPod Touch

If you ever wanted to simulate Windows 7 on your iOS device, ‘iWindows’ is the emulator for you. I did a review of a similar Cydia utility called iAndroid about two months ago and that gave you the ability of simulating the Android operating system on your iDevice. iWindows on the other hand, lets you dive into the Windows operating system on your iDevice, without fully taking over your device. After it is installed an app is added to your homescreen and when this app is launched, you jump straight into the Windows OS. Though it has limited features and the features that it has don’t fully work, it is still pretty cool. A new icon is added to your homescreen, but there isn’t anything to configure, check out the video of ‘iWindows’ below. Click To Read More >>>


CallBar (Cydia Tweak) – No Interruption On Phone or FaceTime Calls!

Description From Cydia
Don’t let incoming phone or FaceTime calls interrupt what you are doing on you’re doing on your iDevice any longer. CallBar re-designs the incoming phone and video call interface to allow you to use your iDevice while it’s ringing. Choose to answer, decline, or even dismiss the incoming call call depending on your choice. Upon dismissal, the bar will shrink and cover the status bar, a safeguard just in case you choose to pickup the call after all you accidentally dismissed it. Click To Read More >>>

I’m Busy SMS (Cydia Tweak) – Decline a Phone Call and Send a Text Message at the Same Time

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How to Use Skype for Your Phone as a Home Security Camera Monitor

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