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Android Recent Apps (Cydia Tweak) – How To Access Recent Apps Like Android

If you are familiar with the way Android devices view there recently used apps, then you will be familiar with ‘Android Recent Apps’. ‘Android Recent Apps’ gives you the ability to view and launch up to 12 of your recently used apps, even if they are closed. Normally you can view your recent/open apps in your appswitcher but that’s only if they are open, but Android Recent Apps lets you view them whether they are open or closed. Click To Read More >>>


HiddenCallLog (Cydia Tweak) – How To Hide Call Log From Peeping Toms

‘HiddenCallLog’ gives you the ability to hide your iPhone’s call log; you know, from all those peeping toms. When you press the “Clear” button in the phone app under the “Recents” tab, you not only get the “Clear All Recents” option but also a “Refresh” option. When you tap the refresh option, all your recent calls go incognito and can only be seen by tapping the refresh option again. No new icon is added to your homescreen, nor is there anything to configure. Check out the video of ‘HiddenCallLog’ below. Click To Read More >>>


Copic (Cydia Tweak) – How To Show Contact Pictures In Messages, Favorite, Calls & MORE

‘Copic’ gives you the ability to display contact pictures in your iPhone/iPad/iPod standard apps, which includes phone, SMS, contacts, facetime and more. There are a couple of tweaks in Cydia that displays contact pictures, but they only do it in contacts or message. Copic took it to a next level and displays them in much more apps. No new icon is added to your homescreen, all configurations are done in your settings app, under the “Copic” tab. Check out the video of Copic below. Click To Read More >>>

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