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MyGreatFest Recap

MyGreatFest Recap (Video Recording of MyGreatFest)

Just thought I’d do a MyGreatFest recap for all those who missed the live stream. If you are not familiar with MyGreatFest, it was the world’s first ever jailbreak convention. Most of the speaker just talked about their background and how they got into jailbreaking. Nothing really much to elaborate on, the biggest news came from Joshua Hill aka P0sixninja and that was about the iPhone 5 jailbreak. Now this was extremely interesting given the fact that the iPhone 5 ain’t released yet. Jay Freeman aka saurik was the last speaker and he had the mic for about 1 hour and 40 minutes, but he give some good information. Checkout more information, a recording of MyGreatFest and my video recap below. Click To Read More >>>

Developer Rescue

Developer Rescue (Cydia Game) – Save COMEX, SAURIK & MORE From APPLE (LOL)

‘Developer Rescue’ is a Cydia game; we don’t see much games in Cydia and more often than not the ones we do see, suck. This one however is playable. When I read the Cydia description of this game, I was blown out of the water and though it was an epic RPG. Unfortunately it wasn’t, it’s just a 2D helicopter game. I’m not doing it any justice trying to explain it in words, so checkout the Cydia description and my video of ‘Developer Rescue’ below. Click To Read More >>>


BeyondSMS (Cydia Tweak) – Yet Another SMS Tweak

‘BeyondSMS’ boost your default SMS app, by adding a number of features to it. Some of which include, hiding conversation, locking SMS app, locking conversation, using your camera as your wallpaper and more. No new icon is added to your homescreen, all configurations are done in your settings app, under the BeyondSMS tab. Check out the video of BeyondSMS below. Click To Read More >>>


AppDialer (Cydia Tweak) – Launch Apps By Number Dialing or AndroidLock Method

‘AppDialer’ gives you the ability to launch an app or action by using a number dial and entering pre-define numbers. You can also perform an unlock gesture, like how the Android locks are and that will also launch the app that you selected. Some of the features include options like turning on/off Bluetooth and WiFi but the main attraction is the ability of launching apps. No new icon is added to your homescreen, all configurations are done in your settings app, under the AppDialer tab. Check out the video of AppDialer below. Click To Read More >>>

Top 10 HP Thumbnail

My Top 10 HP TouchPad Games

Below is ‘My Top 10 HP TouchPad Games, most of the games in the WebOS AppStore are over priced and they suck. So I did this video to help users save some money. One or Two of the games that I included I didn’t really like, but I thought some of you might like them. I tried to find a video for every game, but not all of the videos are for the HP TouchPad. However it’s the same game just a different device. So checkout my video of my top 10 HP TouchPad Games and if you want a extra look at a game you saw in my video; scroll down and check out the extra videos. Click To Read More >>>

carbon fiber

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield: HP TouchPad Black Carbon Fiber Skin & Screen Protector Review

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield – HP TouchPad Black Carbon Fiber Film Protector Shield + Screen Protector was a all-in-one deal. It will set you back $21.95 now $18.95, which in my opinion is an awesome price considering that one zagg screen shield cost $29.99. In this package you not only get a high quality screen shield, but you also get a high quality carbon fiber skin. Click To Read More >>>


SBPhoto (Cydia Utility) – Create Homescreen Shortcut To Any Photo In Photo App

‘SBPhoto’ gives you the ability to create shortcuts on your homescreen, for different photos in your photos app. So if you have a photo that you always show to people, you can create a shortcut to that photo on your homescreen. Making it faster and easier to access when you want to showoff that photo. A new icon is added to your homescreen, but there isn’t anything to configure, check out the video of SBPhoto below. Click To Read More >>>

High Speed 3D Thumbnail

Race illegal: High Speed 3D Review iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

‘Race illegal: High Speed 3D’ is the typical racing game, I don’t have much to say on it. So checkout the AppStore description and my video review below. Click To Read More >>>

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