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SnoozeOrStop (Cydia Tweak) – How To Add A Stop Button To Alarm iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

‘SnoozeOrStop’ is a basic tweak that adds a “stop!” option to your alarm notification. Normally you would have to slide the slider at the lockscreen to stop the alarm but this will also take you inside the alarm app. With the stop option it just stops the alarm. You can also use the stop option if the alarm goes off while you are using your device. No new icon is added to your homescreen, nor is there anything to configure. Check out the video of SnoozeOrStop below. Click To Read More >>>


HomeScreenMusic (Cydia Tweak) – Play, Stop and Change Music Right From Homescreen

‘HomeScreenMusic’ is a nice tweak brought to you by our good friends iPodUplink. ’HomeScreenMusic’ is gives you the ability to play, stop and change your music directly from the homescreen. When installed, it adds a new icon to your homescreen that you use to control your music. Just tap the play/pause button to play/pause a song and to change a song, you just hold down the icon until it spreads out. Then you tap the skip or repeat controls to navigate to the song of your choice. You can also move the icon around to any position on the springboard of your choice. It’s an awesome tweak for beginners and I’ll be looking forward to see what they release in the feature. Click To Read More >>>


IconLock (Cydia Tweak) – Prevent People From Moving Your Springboard Icons

If you are tired of people messing with your iDevice, moving around all your icons, with no organization at all. Then ‘IconLock’ is the tweak for you. IconLock gives you the ability to lock your springboard icons in place, so that they cannot be moved. You can enable a password (which would be the best thing to do) and every time someone tries to move around the icons or access the settings, they will be prompt to enter the password. If you disable the tweak, you can move your icons around as you please. It also comes with a SBSettings toggle, this makes it easier to enable/disable the tweak. No new icon is added to your homescreen, all configurations are done in your settings app, under the “IconLock” tab. Click To Read More >>>

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