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VolumePaging (Cydia Tweak) – Scroll Through Homescreen Pages With Volume Rockers

‘VolumePaging’ gives you the ability to scroll through your iDevice’s homescreen pages, by using the volume rockers/buttons. No new icon is added to your homescreen, but you have to configure it in activator. After you’ve done that, just enable it and press the volume rockers to scroll through the pages. Check out the video of ‘VolumePaging’ below. Click To Read More >>>


HomeScreenMusic (Cydia Tweak) – Play, Stop and Change Music Right From Homescreen

‘HomeScreenMusic’ is a nice tweak brought to you by our good friends iPodUplink. ’HomeScreenMusic’ is gives you the ability to play, stop and change your music directly from the homescreen. When installed, it adds a new icon to your homescreen that you use to control your music. Just tap the play/pause button to play/pause a song and to change a song, you just hold down the icon until it spreads out. Then you tap the skip or repeat controls to navigate to the song of your choice. You can also move the icon around to any position on the springboard of your choice. It’s an awesome tweak for beginners and I’ll be looking forward to see what they release in the feature. Click To Read More >>>

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RingerSwitchTool (Cydia Tweak) – Change Your Ringer Switch To Your Lock Orientation Switch

RingerSwitchTool brings the iPad functionality of choosing if you want your mute switch to lock or mute your iPhone. Before RingerSwitchTool this function could only be done on the iPad and iPhone users had to go into their multitasking bar to lock their orientation. But now that their is RingerSwitchTool you can choose whether you want your mute switch to serve as lock orientation switch or remain as a boring old mute switch. Click To Read More >>>

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