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Top 50 Cydia Tweak [2015]

You guys always bug me about my top Cydia tweak, so in this post I list my Top 50 Cydia tweak for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Hopefully you guys like them as much as I do. Some are free and some are paid. They aren’t in any specific order, I just threw them together. Hopefully you guys like them as much as I do! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom and see other top tweaks that didn’t make it into the video! Click To Read More >>>


Top 10 iOS 5 Notification Center Widgets

Given the fact that iOS 5 is fairly new, there aren’t many notification center widgets out for it at the moment. Below are my ‘Top 10 iOS 5 Notification Center Widgets’. Click To Read More >>>

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My Top 10 HP TouchPad Games

Below is ‘My Top 10 HP TouchPad Games, most of the games in the WebOS AppStore are over priced and they suck. So I did this video to help users save some money. One or Two of the games that I included I didn’t really like, but I thought some of you might like them. I tried to find a video for every game, but not all of the videos are for the HP TouchPad. However it’s the same game just a different device. So checkout my video of my top 10 HP TouchPad Games and if you want a extra look at a game you saw in my video; scroll down and check out the extra videos. Click To Read More >>>

LabelMover (Cydia Tweak) – Move Icon Labels To the Top

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