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Quickly Compose New SMS, Email or Tweet with ‘FastStatus’

‘FastStatus’ allows you to quickly compose a new SMS, email or tweet from anywhere on your iDevice. Once installed, just set up your activation method and whenever you want to perform any of the actions listed above. Activate it via activator, select your action and BINGO. Click To Read More >>>


What is Heello? Is Heello a Twitter Killer?! My First Look/Impressions Of HEELLO

So this is just my first look/impressions of the new social network Heello. Checkout the video below to see what I think about Heello. Click To Read More >>>


TwitKaFly (Cydia Tweak) – Super Charge Your Twitter App

If you are a twitterholic, you will definitely like TwitKaFly. TwitKaFly adds some much needed functions to the official twitter app; like quick reply and quick compose just to name a few. I actually got a chance to beta test TwitKaFly before it was officially released to the public and I fell in love with it instantly. Not so much for the composing of a new tweet from almost anywhere, but for the simple fact that I could reply to an ‘@’ mention without leaving the app that I was currently using. iOS 5 has heavy twitter integration, but you can’t reply to an ‘@’ mention without going into the twitter app. Nor can you compose a tweet from anywhere and that was most disappointing. Click To Read More >>>

WeeTwitter (iOS 5.0 Widget) – Tweet Right From Your Notification Center

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TwitLMGTFY for Twitter (Cydia Tweak) – Let Me Google That For You Right From Your Twitter App

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