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How To Get and Update To iOS 6 Beta 1

This post will show you how to update to iOS 6 Beta 1. There is currently no free option to do this. You must register your UDID and you can do so by clicking here. As soon as there is, I will do a post on it. Follow instructions below to obtain iOS 6 beta 1. Click To Read More >>>

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Redsn0w Updated Features (What’s New Video)

Just 2 days ago MuscleNerd said he was going to release an updated redsn0w before his trip to Koren and it was released today. This redsn0w is noob proof, it’s so easy a cave man can do it. This post will give you a full tour of the newly updated redsn0w; checkout the picture, info and video below on the updated redsn0w. Click To Read More >>>

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How To Update HP TouchPad Software To Latest Version

This post will show you how to update your current HP TouchPad’s software to the Latest version. Click To Read More >>>

iOS 4.3

iOS 4.3.4 and 4.2.9 IMPORTANT Jailbreak and Update Video

Hey YouTube this is just a quick update post on iOS 4.3.4 and 4.2.9 that were released today. There aren’t any jailbreaks out at the moment so I advise you to stay away from these update. Especially iPad 2 user because these updates patch the exploit and who knows when another jailbreak will be out for the iPad 2. I will do a jailbreak video as soon as a jaillbreak is release for iOS 4.3.4 and 4.2.9. In the mean while you guys should save you SHSH Blobs immediately. Visit the links below for in-dept guides and tutorials if you need help saving your SHSH Blobs. Click To Read More >>>


Gevey Sim Update iOS 5 Beta 2

Just given you guys an update on the Gevey sim regarding iOS 5.0 beta 2. It seems that iOS 5.0 beta 2 comes with a baseband update and that baseband update seems to interfere with ALL the Gevey Sims. The new baseband is 04.11.06 and the Gevey sim don’t work with that baseband. I tested it with the Gevey supreme, pro, pass, ultra and the regular and none of them works with the new baseband update. Currently the only way to unlock with any of Gevey sims on iOS 5.0 beta 2. Is by preserving your baseband with Sn0wbreeze. Sn0wbreeze skips the baseband update option when updating and jailbreaking your iDevice, so if you need to unlock with the Gevey sim use Sn0wbreeze to update. Click To Read More >>>

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